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This is actually a pre-written note as I did it when my internet was dicey, and it will be posted in a moment when it works (connections aren’t the best up here).  I officially in no way regret updating some of my personal equipment that hadn’t been changed, in some cases, since before I was actually born.  For example, my old compass was something my father used in the 60’s and it no longer pointed.  I replaced it with a really nice Cammenga during my last birthday, which was very useful this weekend when no one’s cell-phone based GPS worked properly (all we had to do was know which face of the mountain we were on, too…).  My little ham radio again got out a signal when cells didn’t work.  Last time I was out in town with Richard we popped by a outdoors shop where I got some waterproof notepads, which saved the day when we were hunting salamanders in a downpour, same for putting a space pen refill in my stainless steel monster pen (I’m not replacing it, it’s just about indestructible, but for a ballpoint pen it’s the refill that makes the difference).  The best update was the waders that Mom said I needed after a snake incident, she was right, they were wonderful, and I plan to use them again to scout out the parts of the swamp where you can’t walk normally.  My shoes are still dry a few days into this!

Tomorrow I will wrap up my activities here and head back.  I wound up having to take my own car unexpectedly, but just last weekend my battery died which caused me to replace it, BEFORE I did all this.  The timing really worked in my favor.


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