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I had some ask today who I was rooting for in the new movie with Batman and Superman fighting. I got a lot of people annoyed because I put it from the biological viewpoint.  I would go with Batman, as he’s a native species to the planet, but turning Superman loose on Earth is actually the same as introducing a foreign species into an alien environment, and how often has THAT (mongoose in Hawaii, rats in the Galapagos, cane toads in Bermuda) ever worked out?

On the other hand, it can be easily argued that Superman is a critically endangered species.  There IS one female of his kind if Supergirl exists in whatever world the movie is in. For those worried about cousin marriage, when we’re faced with real extinction level threats we’ve often inbred specimens simply to get SOMETHING to work with, though it’s also possible to try to hybridize the few specimens we have with those species to see if we can preserve at least part of their line.  Look up Lonesome George and the attempts to keep his line going (which ultimately failed, I’m sorry to say). Even so, we might want to keep Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson around just in case.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Mr. Mxyztplk has done just that, and the entire comic world is actually a big attempt at a breeding project.  Superman has never realized that he’s inside a fake city and everyone else is just pretending to go about their business. Mr. and Mrs. Kent were actually hand puppets to get him to imprint on something that looked like his own kind. The occasional fifth-dimension nuttiness is just a front to get in and clean the cage. It worked for vultures. After all, what really ARE the chances that an alien would land on a planet where everyone looks just LIKE him…?
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