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Ok, my only comment on the whole marriage fiasco boils down to what I said when someone tried to take a poll on it at NC State 15 years ago. They asked if I was "for or against gay marriage." I said "Against". They said "Why?" I said "I don't like guys, they're hideous." They then flipped through their little rebuttal card, and finally told me my opinion was not listed.

On the other hand, let me go ahead and get everyone mad by saying as there are generally more female humans in the population than males anyway, if some of those males marry each other in monogamy and remove themselves from the math, it does tilt the odds further in my favor.

Of course, polygamy will be the next stage of this fight as you can't have marriage equality if you continue to exclude a definition of love and marriage that many people still practice and have practiced for far longer in history, which actually came up in oral arguments before the court. That won't help me at all (see population estimate above).

Either way I still want ONE girl for literally forever who I can concentrate on entirely and ignore everything else. As such, this decision actually does nothing to me at all, which I think is the best definition of any legal action to speak of.


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