Jun. 7th, 2015

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I noticed something this year. When the loggers cut the trees near us, they took out a lot of habitat. We bought the whole thing, and are restoring it, but the trees we’ve planted offer a lot of hiding spots for insects but do not yet support birds or the like very well. This has made for a real mess this year of mosquitoes and deer flies.

On the bright side, the tick issue is better as we have a lot of chickens that are free roaming (with five more just born yesterday), but we need something similar for the biting flying pests. Here are my attempts in recent times:

The stumps are about 20 feet tall or so, left over from some trees that were going to hit the house that had to be cut. I have purple martin houses on two, and bat houses on another two. There will also be a small roof put on the third trunk soon to make a shaded bark patch for clinging critters like swallows and swifts.

Either way, if this works, I will have the birds for day, the bats for night, and the mosquitoes in a little flying-creature purgatory till I can get some trees in the right range to support them.

If the bat houses work well I may also get a maternity house with a compartment for raising babies, they can do so in these small simple ones but they are not ideal. I’ll have to wait and see what sort of response I get. The bats are a particular problem due to temperatures, which is why I have the houses facing different ways. I figure I will see which one is the best and move the other to match.

Wish me luck and the mosquitoes NO luck…


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