Apr. 25th, 2015

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In the swamp, we have some odd islands. The fact that there ARE islands is funny as this swamp used to be dry land a while back, but these things rise and fall rather randomly. At first we thought it was water level, but now we know that it happens regardless. It may be, since they wiggle a bit when poked, that they are not ‘land’ at all but could be very large mounds of vegetation. But that explanation doesn’t hold up well either as they seem solid enough when you jab an oar into them (despite the wiggling).

When we first got the land, explored a lot of it, and found these things, we thought they were funny. When they vanished we pretty much confirmed it. When they began to come and go, with lily pads on top where they literally rose up from under them (with the roots of the pads still in them where they’d been part of the bottom of the pond previously) we gave up sorting it out for now and decided to have fun with them.

In addition to a carnivorous plant garden, I came up with a very funny idea with one of the larger ones. There is an old Lovecraft story called “The Call of Cthulhu” that deals with an island called R’lyeh, that rises and sinks every so often. Part of the story also takes place in a swamp where a small statue of the creature is found. Merging the ideas, thank you to Joe Broers of http://zombiequadrille.deviantart.com/ who has made several things for me in the past! I told him of my joke plan, and he made a very nice custom Cthulhu statue with the color consistent throughout (as it has to survive occasional random immersion for indeterminate periods). I’ve bonded it to two blocks oriented to maximize surface area to avoid sinking into the island, though I don’t know yet how well that will work.

Thus far it looks GREAT if you can see it (and admittedly most can’t due to it being in my area) but Joe took one of the pictures and made it look even more period-appropriate.

The real fun, though, comes in a few hundred years when, due to vegetative decay, the swamp fills in. Eventually someone will dig into it, and find this thing. I did note that I should probably put in a disclaimer so some poor anthropologist doesn’t go insane, but Joe noted that he WANTED the guy to go insane. So…eventual archaeological digs excavate my home at their own risk. And best of all, no one will suspect me in the eventual joke/hoax as they won't think to implicate someone who will have been gone for about 200 years.

I don’t make anything off this (and in fact I think I underpaid massively for it considering that I may wind up drowning his work prematurely depending on what the island does) but if you are interested in his stuff, you can find it at his web site or the Lovecraft E-zine page at http://lovecraftzine.com/store/


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