Apr. 9th, 2015

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Some people have been calling my incredible UFO photograph fake. Something about a straw and my hand being visible in the photograph. I say, how you do you dismiss such great evidence with such flimsy arguments? How do you know that among the infinite starfaring races across the cosmos, one of them that decided to visit this planet happened to have an amazing FTL technology that happens to be based on soda straws and my hand? There’s an infinite number of stars- (this argument goes on for about another hour or so, and I saw most of it watching “Ancient Aliens” in a hotel room on a business trip. The History Channel has gone WAY downhill since I last had cable ten years ago).

Anyway, I noticed watching that crap that the response to a possible hoax being found seems to be a response that involves even worse production values, so in keeping with that tradition:

Here are NEW photos of my UFO sighting, absolutely authentic! They are most certainly not made with a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee and some toilet paper tubes. And if someone would cough up that million dollars for pics, imagine how much better my images could be if I could get better equipment? Like a BIGGER Frisbee! And tubeless toilet paper! Maybe even fishline!

I'm also happy to note that my UFO pictures are STILL better quality than most of what is taken seriously anyway.


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