Feb. 7th, 2015

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Ok, I’m going to try to post up some good news for a change! First, after several years and a lot of problems, the land behind my house is bought and paid for, meaning that we now have about 50 acres that are bordered by water on multiple sides, effectively preventing the houses that will someday go in near the highway from bugging us that badly. Additionally, the paperwork that set up the deal specifically exempts us from any of their odd land covenants that housing divisions have, despite us technically having bought a ‘lot’ out of it. That lot consists of a chunk of land considerably larger than anything else they have, plus the area out to the middle of the water, meaning they can’t mess with the swamps without setting off a legal battle with both the EPA and us at the same time. I’ve been trying to get that land for three generations of a prior family who owned it, now it’s done.

Also, today I got in a new sonic screwdriver remote control. My old one got used at work a lot, and finally seemed to develop problems with the battery. The Wand Company, despite being told truthfully that it was WAY out of warranty, asked to see it anyway, and they actually replaced it! Thank you to the Wand Company for supporting a product that they had no reason whatsoever to care about! I appreciate it and will be picking up more of their stuff (I already have two different screwdrivers and a phaser from them, I may need an actual wand now).

And also Thank You to some of the people in our church. I won’t stick their names over the net, but they gave my family a lot of fence, chicken houses, and feed buckets that we’re going to use to totally rebuild the chicken coops. Once it’s done, the old one will be coming down, and rather than try to make it into part of the yard, Mom wants to put the garden there. After all, a bunch of chickens have lived there a while, the soil has a lot of plant food ready to go without having to pay for it. It should work fine.

Now to program the remote, clear out a lot of vines and poison ivy, plant trees, and fill the moat with snapping turtles.


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